28th April 2016; Today, Bord na Móna marked the beginning of a new chapter with the launch of a new brand look and a commitment to leading the change for a more sustainable Ireland. More than 80 years ago, they first began their journey harvesting peat to generate heat, energy and employment. Today Bord na Móna is an organisation that powers over 150,000 homes through renewable energy, uses 320,000 tonnes of Biomass and, after 2030, will no longer harvest peat for the energy production that kick-started their journey in 1934.


While this change has not happened overnight, Bord na Móna has undergone major transformation across all of its business units with an ambition to be the leading supplier/player in each of the markets it operates in by 2030. In this changing world where our needs are increasingly complex, and energy production, waste disposal and environmental conservation are all interconnected like never before, Bord na Móna has a pivotal role to play.


These include renewable energy, renewable solid fuel, resource recovery, horticulture and biomass as a new sustainable feedstock in electricity generation, fuels and horticulture products. The unifying element in all of these areas is Bord na Móna’s commitment to sustainability – both economic and social. We are Naturally Driven.


Bord na Móna in numbers


  • Over 150,000 Irish homes are powered by Bord na Móna sustainable energy including Wind Energy
  • Number 1 resource recovery operator in Ireland powering over 8,500 homes with our Waste to Energy programme in Drehid, Co.Kildare
  • Bord na Móna source and use 320,000 tonnes of Biomass
  • Bord na Móna AES collects over 5 million bins annually and diverts 68% of waste away from landfill
  • Bord na Móna manage approximately 80,000 hectares of Irish bogs –  This is 7% of the nation’s bog land and of that, 3% is in production
    • Over 12,000 hectares of rehabilitated land across the country which is the equivalent to 8,600 GAA pitches
    • Bord na Móna soils lie beneath the feet of the great sporting heroes in the Aviva, on the racing tracks of Dubai and even at the Nou Camp, home of the great Barcelona football team – with Bord na Móna peat exported to over 30 countries around the world
    • Over 800,000 Irish consumers choose Bord na Móna home fuels
    • Bord na Móna has over 550km of rail tracks in Ireland
    • Bord na Móna Growise is diluted with a minimum of 25% green waste compost
    • In 2014, our Bio-blitz team at Lough Boora Discovery Park, identified 946 species on the Bord na Móna rehabilitated peatland.
    • In April 2016, we launched our 2nd Biodiversity Action Plan for 2016-2020
    • Bord na Móna support local communities, projects and groups on an annual basis including 100 Tidy Towns committees and 200 local schools in Country Kildare alone.


Speaking at the launch today Bord na Móna CEO, Mike Quinn said; “This marks a very exciting evolution for Bord na Móna. While we continue to harvest peat to help generate electricity to power Irish homes, this represents only one part of our business. We are also actively contributing to ensuring Ireland meets its renewable electricity targets by 2020. In fact, at least half the electricity we produce is now generated from renewable resources and we will power over one hundred and fifty thousand Irish homes with green energy in 2016. Our ambition is to double that number in the next five years and half our carbon emissions compared to 2015 levels.”


“We’re also developing more sustainable sources of energy through our ‘waste to energy’ programme, which we aim to expand in the future. Already we collect over 5 million bins annually from over 100,000 customers. Much of that household waste is recycled, but increasingly it’s also being converted into energy generating green power electricity for over 8,500 homes”, said Mr. Quinn.


To find out more about Bord na Móna Naturally Driven along with the commitment to providing a more sustainable future for Ireland visit www.bordnamona.ie.




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