Over 170,000 homes and businesses in 78 communities across County Cork can now access high-speed fibre broadband – growing to 200,000 Cork premises by 2020

Over €55m is being invested by open eir in upgrading County Cork’s broadband infrastructure

Boherbue, Coachford, Glengarriff, and Minane Bridge among latest communities in Cork to be added to the high-speed fibre broadband network

Over 27,000 rural premises across Cork to benefit from speeds of up to 1,000Mb/s as part of open eir’s FTTH programme

“We have the solution to rural broadband challenge”

– open eir MD Carolan Lennon

Over 170,000 homes and businesses in 78 communities across County Cork can now access high-speed fibre broadbandas a result of a major multi-year investment programme by open eir.

The rollout continues to make significant progress with new areas being connected each month to Ireland’s largest high-speed fibre broadband network.

Boherbue, Coachford, Glengarriff, and Minane Bridge are among the latest communities in Cork to go live on the network.

While up to now the rollout of high-speed broadband has concentrated mainly in cities, towns and villages, in recent weeks open eir has commenced a major rollout of high-speed fibre broadband to rural parts of County Cork. These areas are largely composed of one-off housing and farms.

In the next three years this “Fibre to the Home” broadband rollout programme will deliver world-class broadband speeds of up to 1,000Mbps to over 27,000 homes and businesses across rural areas of Cork.

To achieve this open eir is rolling out over 2,000 Kilometres of fibre broadband in Cork direct to peoples’ homes, using its extensive pole network. The rural fibre rollout will see rural premises in locations such as Ballyclough and Kildorrery connected to the network this year.

By 2020 open eir will have invested over €55 million in County Cork’s broadband infrastructure enabling over 200,000 homes and businesses across urban and rural Cork access to high-speed fibre broadband.

Speaking about the progress to date, Carolan Lennon, Wholesale Managing Director open eir said:The availability of high-speed fibre broadband is crucial for local businesses who want to transact online, for schools to transform their teaching capability, for people at home who want to work remotely or avail of video on-demand and online TV services. Huge progress has been made by open eir in building Ireland’s largest high-speed fibre broadband network.  In Cork alone over 170,000 homes and businesses can access the network today across 78 communities.”

Nationally open eir continues to make significant progress on the roll-out of Ireland’s largest open access high-speed fibre broadband network. open eir has so far enabled 1.6 million homes and businesses nationwide to access its high-speed fibre broadband network. As an open access network any broadband provider can sell TV, broadband and phone services using the infrastructure. There are currently 15 telecoms companies using the network to provide TV and broadband services across Ireland.

When complete, a national network of 1.9 million premises will have access to high-speed broadband, leaving approximately 450,000 premises in areas where it isn’t currently commercially viable for open eir or other commercial networks to service.

To address this, the Government has announced it will award a National Broadband tender in 2017 to subsidise commercial networks in bringing high-speed broadband to the most rural areas in Ireland.

Speaking about the challenge of bringing high-speed broadband to rural areas and the upcoming National Broadband tender Carolan Lennon commented: “We are committed to bringing high-speed broadband to as many communities across Ireland as possible. We have a proven track record in delivering quality broadband at scale, at pace and ahead of schedule. No other operator is investing more than we are in broadband rollout and this is a significant commitment for a private company. Our rollout programme will see 27,000 homes and businesses in rural areas of County Cork have access to speeds of up to 1,000Mbps. The remaining premises in rural Cork will be served by the National Broadband Plan. For the vast majority of homes in the National Broadband Plan intervention area we are proposing a future-proofed fibre solution, using our network of telephone poles to enable the efficient rollout of fibre. We’re confident that the combination of our track record of delivery to date and a best-in-class solution for high-speed rural broadband means open eir is best placed to deliver the National Broadband Plan and we’ll compete vigorously to win that tender.” 

The accompanying maps and tables below show the status of all locations open eir has committed to bring its high-speed open access network to by 2020.

For further information residents of Cork can visit www.fibrerollout.ie which includes an interactive map detailing our current and future rollout along with case studies on the benefits of high-speed broadband for businesses and homes.




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