Irish tech innovation poised to change the game

for self-service marketing globally

Dublin, 13th July 2016:  As the global start up revolution continues to gather pace, one of the smartest self-service tools for business in the world has been developed in Ireland and launches today amid global interest. Designed and developed in Dublin, AdMailer 2.0 is set to disrupt and transform the way businesses market their products.

AdMailer is a world first. It allows businesses to pinpoint target audiences via enhanced customer selection using enriched data, and market to them directly in one transaction.

Reflecting the agile approach adopted in the technical development of AdMailer, users have the flexibility and ability to react to the market and reach their target audience rapidly and relevantly; opening up new customer bases and delivering quick returns. 

What is AdMailer?

AdMailer has transformed the concept of ‘direct’. Campaigns are designed and ordered online, resulting in physical direct mail delivered into Ireland’s homes and businesses.

AdMailer’s technology makes it easy for businesses to identify customers they need to reach using design and data via an intelligent self-serve platform, which is owned by An Post. The ethos is customer-centric and the platform is built on 2 years of customer led design. The uniqueness lies in the rapid delivery, geographic and demographic data and a ‘create your own’ capability; all allowing businesses to design whole suites of direct marketing assets using AdMailer’s bespoke technology.

The cost effective tool for companies, with easily quantifiable returns AdMailer is ideal for businesses who have not had access to marketing resources in the past. Irish business owners have already seen results in trials, one high street retailer achieving response rates of 10%+.

Speaking at the launch announcement of An Post’s 2016 business conferences in Cork and Dublin, Liam Sheehan, An Post’s Sales and Marketing Director said “ is set to disrupt how businesses market to customers in Ireland and based on the international interest, on a global scale. The development team at An Post were tasked with delivering a solution which will cater for the needs of today’s business owner and for those of the next generation. Feedback from business owners has been really positive, with trials conducted to-date showing incredible results.”

How does it work?

One of the key successes for any new businesses is having a strong, direct response offer to draw the customer in, AdMailer helps businesses to harness the power of direct mail by digitising it for today’s and tomorrow’s business owners. Allowing users to professionally design, print and send high quality marketing products from an online device straight into the homes and businesses of the customers they want to reach.

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