TRA Brands work in partnership with the Discover Ireland Home Holidays team to encourage the Irish public to take more breaks at home. In the Spring of 2014, the #thisisLIVING campaign was born. The integrated #thisisLIVING campaign invited the Irish public to share what “LIVING” meant to them and PR played a central component in bringing the proposition to life.  The role of TRA Brands was to create awareness of the campaign, position the #thisisLIVING Facebook Holidays Ideas Hub as a source of inspiration, spark #thisisLIVING conversations across social platforms and generate widespread coverage for the campaign across traditional and new media.


The #thisisLIVING Home Holidays campaign focused on targeting three distinct segments. Connected Families, Indulgent Romantics and Footloose Socialisers. 

TRA Brands developed a PR campaign to generate quality coverage, encourage conversation and inspire our segments to LIVE more by going on an extra break in Ireland; #thisisLIVING. We were equipped to do this in the knowledge that we were tapping into their specific motivations and desires. 

The #thisisLIVING campaign was shareable by design. TRA Brands weaved relevant #thisisLIVING messaging, to each of our segments, carefully mapped against the right media, designed to initiate action. A combination of clever media partnerships, targeted sponsorships, a press trip programme, an in-depth content calendar, a month-long takeover on a national radio station and the recruitment of #thisisLIVING ambassadors, all played a role towards creating widespread coverage and far reaching #thisisLIVING conversations.


TRA met and exceeded all KPIs set. The 6 month campaign resulted in PR amounting to €8.9 million. The total reach achieved was 51,371,796. Facebook fans increased by 49% and Twitter followers increased by 77% versus 2013.  The consumer PR campaign not only delivered widespread coverage across traditional and new media it played an instrumental role in delivering tangible and measureable business results.