Architects play a hugely important role in society yet there is a myth that they are out of reach for everyday consumers which needed to be dispelled.


In addition to ongoing efforts to promote the value of architects, two key campaigns are run annually – Simon Open Door and Architecture Awards to challenge that perception. Simon Open Door gets the public in front of Architects where they can see at first hand the benefits their expertise can bring. Since 2009 The Reputations Agency has also promoted the annual Irish Architecture Awards on behalf of RIAI and secured strong profile by highlighting the scale, diversity and quality of work undertaken by Irish architects on behalf of their clients and general public in the case of public projects.


Both campaigns have created huge levels of engagement with the public with Simon Open Door generating 1,400 consultations in 2015 alone. The Public Choice prize in the Architecture Awards has led to over 10,000 votes annually with the public being turned into advocates for good architecture though this campaign’s engagement.