Dublin has been ranked as the 17th most reputable city in the world, while Sydney has retained its first-place ranking as the city with the best global reputation, according to the City RepTrak® 2017 Study, announced today by The Reputations Agency and Reputation Institute (RI).  This study ranks the world’s 56 most reputable cities based on Trust, Esteem, Admiration and Good Feeling.  

Dublin’s 17th placed ranking is the highest ranking achieved by Ireland’s capital city and its corresponding Pulse score of 77.57 is also the highest score registered by the city in this annual survey, now in its seventh year.  The Pulse score measures the strength of the emotional bond, or gut feeling, which the general publics in the world’s largest and most influential economies have with each of the cities studied.  The City RepTrak® Survey also measures cities across 13 different attributes, including Beautiful City; Offers a Favourable Environmentfor Doing Business, follows progressive social, economic and environmental policies and has Well Developed Institutions.

The top two ranked cities, Sydney and Copenhagen are the only two cities in the world to achieve an excellent reputation Pulse score (80+).  This is the third year in succession that Sydney has been ranked in first place.  It has successfully grown its reputation with consistent increases year-over-year and achieving the number 1 spot in 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017.  With the benefit of a strong reputation, Sydney is the top city where people would like to live, work and visit. Copenhagen has improved its reputation significantly rising to second place from tenth place in 2016, in an increasingly competitive field.

The City RepTrak® 2017 study revealed that Dublin now ranks ahead of cities such as Madrid (21st), San Francisco (22nd), New York (23rd), Paris (24th), Frankfurt (26th) and Boston (33rd), although it also ranks behind London (6th), Barcelona (8th), Toronto (10th) and Rome (13th).  The study gathered data through an online survey of 23,000 members of the general public in the G8 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, UK and US).  Only people who were “somewhat” or “very” familiar with the cities are selected to rate them.  


According to the City RepTrak® Survey, the World’s Top 20 Most Reputable Cities are:

Ranking City Score
1 Sydney 82.29
2 Copenhagen 81.53
3 Vienna 79.81
4 Stockholm 79.63
5 Vancouver 79.21
6 London 79.17
7 Melbourne 78.97
8 Barcelona 78.96
9 Milan 78.67
10 Toronto 78.55
11 Amsterdam 78.32
12 Tokyo 78.27
13 Rome 78.09
14 Montreal 77.97
15 Edinburgh 77.79
16 Helsinki 77.68
17 Dublin 77.57
18 Venice 77.48
19 Zurich 77.43
20 Munich 77.24


The global perceptions of Dublin improved steadily across all metrics and Ireland’s capital city now has excellent scores under some key attributes including Is a beautiful city (82.47) and Offers a wide range of appealing experiences (80.0).  Dublin has recorded strong scores under all other attributes including Has an adequate infrastructure of transport, communications and public services (77.55), Has a well-developed structure of political and legal institutions (73.94) and Offers a favourable environment for doing business (73.89).

In 2017, Dublin’s Pulse score improved for the third consecutive year, increasing to 77.57 compared to 76.30 in 2016.  Since 2011, Dublin’s Pulse score has improved from 66.90 (considered an Average/Moderate Score) to 77.57 (a Strong/Robust score) this year.  Now 17th in the rankings, Dublin was placed as low as 30th in 2012. 


Dublin's City RepTrak® 2017 Reputational Ranking and Score 2011-2017:

Year 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Rank 24 30 20 27 22 20 17
Score 66.90 66.95 72.62 70.65 72.68 76.30 77.57


As Reputation scores increase so too does the general public’s support for cities.  In Dublin’s case, the survey found that key supportive behaviours improved in the 2017 survey with respondents recording an increased willingness to recommend Dublin as a city to: visit; invest in; live in; work in; buy products and services from; and organise or attend a conference in.


Niall Quinn, Deputy Managing Director and Head of Corporate and Financial PR, The Reputations Agency, said:This study shows us that the growth in the reputation of a city strongly correlates with an increase in the support shown towards that city, such as the propensity to visit, live, work in or decide to invest in that city.  By understanding the global perceptions of Dublin, our leaders and policy makers can identify the capital’s competitive strengths and points of differentiation.  Cities that manage their reputation successfully and improve their scores are gaining strong support across all stakeholder groups.  Dublin ranks as high as 12th under Visit, 16th under Live in and 20th for Work in.  Nevertheless, there is probably still room for improvement as our capital city only ranks in 24th place under Invest in”.

“Dublin’s strong and growing international reputation will also help drive Ireland's overall economy.   The study illustrates that peoples’ willingness to visit, work, live and invest in Cities is linked to its reputation.  For example, this means Dublin is very well positioned for potential post Brexit FDI.  The improved international ranking will also help state agencies such as IDA Ireland in attracting foreign direct investment in an increasingly competitive environment and Tourism Ireland in increasing the numbers of international visitors coming to Ireland”, Quinn added.


Key findings of the City RepTrak® 2017 include:

  • Dublin placed 17th with a score of 77.57 out of 100, rising three places from last year’s ranking of 20th place.
  • Dublin’s highest score (82 out of 100) was for the attribute Beautiful City.
  • Dublin also recorded an Excellent score (80 out of 100) for the attribute Offers a wide range of appealing experiences, including food, sport, architecture, and entertainment.
  • According to the study’s findings, Dublin achieved the following scores in relation to supportive behaviour:  Willingness to visit at 84, followed by Willingness to attend or organise an event or conference at 77, Willingness to buy its products/services at 74, Willingness to work at 74, Willingness to live at 74 and Willingness to invest at 70.
  • Cairo (54.71), Moscow (55.13) and Mexico City (57.06) are the cities with the lowest Pulse ratings in this study of 56 global cities.
  • The City RepTrak® 2017 study follows the recent Country RepTrak®2017 study, which placed Ireland as the 10th most reputable country in the world.

The World’s Most Reputable Cities:

2017 Rank City Country 2017 Score
1 Sydney Australia 82.29
2 Copenhagen Denmark 81.53
3 Vienna Austria 79.81
4 Stockholm Sweden 79.63
5 Vancouver Canada 79.21
6 London United Kingdom 79.17
7 Melbourne Australia 78.97
8 Barcelona Spain 78.96
9 Milan Italy 78.67
10 Toronto


11 Amsterdam The Netherlands 78.32
12 Tokyo Japan 78.27
13 Rome Italy 78.09
14 Montreal Canada 77.97
15 Edinburgh United Kingdom 77.79
16 Helsinki Finland 77.68
17 Dublin Ireland 77.57
18 Venice Italy 77.48
19 Zurich Switzerland 77.43
20 Munich Germany 77.24
21 Madrid Spain 76.98
22 San Francisco United States of America 76.28
23 New York United States of America 76.11
24 Paris France 75.66
25 Prague Czech Republic 75.56
26 Frankfurt Germany 74.91
27 Seattle United States of America 74.65
28 Orlando United States of America 74.52
29 Berlin Germany 74.15
30 Brussels Belgium 73.70
31 Singapore Singapore 72.89
32 Miami United States of America 72.85
33 Boston United States of America 72.56
34 Athens Greece 71.75
35 Gold Coast Australia 71.54
36 Dubai UAE (incl. Abu Dhabi & Dubai) 71.54
37 Los Angeles United States of America 71.51
38 Budapest Hungary 71.08
39 Manchester United Kingdom 70.86
40 Washington DC United States of America 69.67
41 New Orleans United States of America 69.41
42 Hong Kong China 69.24
43 Atlanta United States of America 69.10
44 Las Vegas United States of America 67.33
45 Chicago United States of America 67.01
46 St. Petersburg Russia 66.78
47 Seoul South Korea 66.73
48 Shanghai China 66.44
49 Bangkok Thailand 65.09
50 Jerusalem Israel 63.04
51 Istanbul Turkey 60.59
52 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 59.64
53 New Delhi India 59.62
54 Mexico City Mexico 57.06
55 Moscow Russia 55.13
56 Cairo Egypt 54.71


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