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TRA Sponsorship create memorable brand partnerships that deliver results from insight and innovation

13 The Reputations Agency Office Dublin

TRA sponsorship produces and manages dynamic sponsorships that drive real value for brands, rights holders and consumers across sport and non-sport platform


Evaluating clients’ current sponsorship portfolios through the lens of their brand’s strategy and objectives, we provide strategic counsel that help our clients make informed decisions to ensure they have the right properties and assets in place to successfully deliver on their business goals.

We combine data, insights and creative know-how to maximise the impact of sponsorship platforms, leveraging all assets and channels that make our client’s brands stand out and resonate with the target audience.

Taking a holistic view of your internal and external audiences, we develop incredible brand experiences that fully realise the potential of your sponsorship, whether it is associated with sport, music, e-sports, the arts and/or charities.

10 The Reputations Agency Office Dublin


Forming Collaborations

With an extensive network in place, we monitor the Irish sponsorship scene daily to keep a close eye on the breadth of existing and future partnership opportunities so that we can readily identify and analyse the best available options to meet our clients’ brief in terms of fit and driving meaningful change in targeted consumer behaviour.

Sponsorship Strategy

Based on our agency’s insights, experience and research, we help our clients harness the power of sponsorship and carve their own path to support their overall business reputation, commercial and/or marketing objectives.

Partnership Activation

Leveraging consumer passion points across multiple touch-points and channels, we analyse and maximise all rights-holder assets to curate high impact, end-to-end sponsorship programmes that strive to connect brands with their target audiences and elicit a desired response.

Measurement & Evaluation

To report the effectiveness of a sponsorship campaign and its return on investment, we build robust measurement and evaluation models that are tailored specifically to the objectives agreed from the outset of the sponsorship campaign. With mutually-agreed KPIs in place at the outset, we demonstrate how sponsorships can drive real business and commercial value.

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