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How Reputation Drives Success - A Spotlight on the Food Retail Sector

There isn’t a chief executive or business leader who doesn’t focus on the fundamental drivers of their organisation’s success. But outstanding leaders also measure the intangibles that play a part in driving their corporate success:  things like trust and respect; integrity and ethics; engagement and communication; respect for stakeholders and their environment. They know the importance of reputation. What really counts when crises occur, markets tumble and buying power slows, is whether you’ve earned enough trust, support and respect from your stakeholders to give you the license to continue to operate. 

Reputation is everything in business because it drives support and it drives sustainable and prosperous businesses. However, business leaders need to understand each of the components that build a reputation. Access to the right data and analysis means that the C-Suite is armed with the right tools to protect and build their organisations. Our experience has shown us that investing in a reputation and purpose driven strategy can translate into powerful business results for organisations.

At The Reputations Agency, we have the insight and the experience to audit, build and activate your brand, purpose and reputation. Our eleventh annual Ireland RepTrak® 2020 study, the largest and longest running study of reputation in Ireland, is based on the perceptions of over 7,000 members of the public and was completed between early January and early March 2020. Our results showed that, of the seventeen sectors studied in 2020, the Retail Food sector is the most trusted in Ireland.

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