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TRA Digital connects brands to their audiences online

09 The Reputations Agency Office Dublin

We identify, reach and engage audiences with innovative online and social media strategies


We design and execute powerful and innovative, multi-platform, online and social media strategies that amplify our client’s brands and cut through with the right audiences. Using sophisticated software driven by our team of digital and data strategists, we have the power to analyse and influence conversations online and track brand sentiment across multiple channels to ensure each next step is the right one.

We don’t just think of ways to join conversations, we create ways to start them. We match strategies to insight and develop content that cuts through, influencer and social media strategies that amplify the brand message and sits with a bullseye target audience.

14 The Reputations Agency Office Dublin


Social Media Strategy

Our dedicated data marketing and social insights team, deliver both real-time insights and full social audits by leveraging data and social listening technologies examining sentiment and conversation drivers most relevant to brand reputation and ROI.

Influencer Marketing

We understand the importance and power the right influencers can have on a brand conversation and always make targeted recommendations based on demographic and engagement insights validated through robust data analysis.

Manage Social Media

We plan, schedule, populate and respond. Our team are experts at managing conversations on behalf of clients and influencing topics at the all-important times. We know when the ‘right time’ is and we will are always there to jump in before it’s too late.

Innovative Solutions

The TRA Digital Team are highly networked digital, data and social natives who are passionate about continuous innovation and new platform capabilities. We map customer’s online journeys, and identify the digital touch points to deliver best in industry creative digital solutions.

Monitor and Evaluate

We have the tools and the skills to provide in-depth mid and post-campaign monitoring and evaluation. Our approach allows us to be agile, nimble and course-correct to maximise results for our clients.

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