SuperValu's 'Let's Get Ireland Cooking' Campaign Reveals The Dial is Moving in the Right Direction...

Consumers are cooking from scratch more but most believe they need to change their diet to match the food pyramid.

SuperValu’s ‘Let’s Get Ireland Cooking’ campaign, following on from its ‘Good Food Karma’ campaign, is all about SuperValu playing its’ role in helping build a healthier Ireland and continuing its mission to get the nation cooking fresh food from scratch.

SuperValu revealed the findings from its third annual ‘Home Truths’ report which, compiled by Red C, had some very interesting insights into both how people are cooking more from scratch and new insights into their awareness of the recently revised food pyramid. Encouragingly, the report showed that while time remains the main impediment to cooking from scratch, people are less likely now to blame laziness or lack of inspiration. Almost 9 out of 10 (87%) are cooking at least one meal at home from scratch five times a week, up 3% from this time last year, with breakfast the main driver and small increases in lunch and dinner.

In relation to the new food pyramid which was recently issued by the Dept. of Health, while one in ten have a detailed understanding of it; one in ten had never even heard of it. The most interesting insight out of this research is that nearly all adults (9 out of 10) feel they should amend their own diet, and their children’s diet based on the guidance in the new food pyramid.

One of the startling insights is in relation to children’s portions sizes is - over half of parents surveyed are giving their under-16 children meals that are the same size, or bigger, than their own. And while cooking from scratch has increased, take away meals remain popular especially with younger adults with an increase year-on-year.

SuperValu’s ‘Let’s Get Ireland Cooking’ campaign comes alive with their army of food experts, including celebrity chefs Kevin Dundon, The Happy Pear, Sharon Hearne-Smith and three new ambassadors for this year, Bressie; Siobhan Berry of ‘Mummy Cooks’ and Michael O’Meara, who represented Ireland at the world Gourmand Awards in China in 2016; his seafood encyclopedia ‘Sea Gastronomy’ was crowned the best seafood cook-book in the world.

SuperValu’s is committed to ensure that the next generation of Irish people are healthier than the last, so three years ago SuperValu called on everyone to get cooking and to just cook one more meal from scratch every week and research says they are now doing that. Throughout the campaign SuperValu have travelled all around Ireland, providing food inspiration ideas, advice on cooking skills and, with the help of their expert ambassadors, showing people how to cook simple healthy meals. 2017 will see Ireland’s number one retailer continue its mission to get even more people cooking from scratch and eating healthy meals – SuperValu will be traveling around the country throughout the year to encourage communities to get cooking and providing inspiration online and through its social channels.

For the inspirational recipes, videos with meal-time tips, sample shopping lists and blog posts from the SuperValu experts go to or #Getcooking

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