Lidl top Irish supermarket for customer experience – CXi Study 2018

Lidl top Irish supermarket for customer experience – CXi Study 2018

Lidl has, today, been voted the “Customer Champion” in the Irish supermarket sector in this year’s CXi report. Lidl also improved its overall ranking among 170 brands and companies, entering the top ten for the first time in the study, up four places with a score of 7.28.

This is the fourth year the study has been undertaken by CXi in Ireland with 41,000 customer evaluations across ten sectors. The study measures attributes across six pillars – Personalisation – IntegrityExpectationsTime and effortEmpathy – Resolution. In the analysis, Lidl scored 5.6% higher than the supermarket sector average.

Commenting on the CXi results, J.P. Scally, Managing Director of Lidl Ireland said: “At a time when we are operating in the most competitive retail landscape in Europe, with more customer choice than ever before, higher expectations and easy switching, building a great customer experience has become a key focus for Lidl. A strong performance in this study, which elicits the views of over 40,000 consumers, is an important benchmark for Lidl and how we serve the 1.5 million customers who shop with us weekly.  Our number one ranking shows that best value for money and best customer experience, can indeed go hand-in-hand.

As a team we have put particular emphasis on customer service in recent years with our CustomerFirst programme. We place a constant focus on delivering good customer care  whether that be in-store, in engagement with our customer care call centre or interactions with our social media team. While we are leading the sector with this ranking, our ambition is to improve further so that we continue to set ourselves apart from competitors with the very best produce at the lowest price and also delivering on our customer service promise.”  


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