Collar of gold 2018

Introducing A Revolutionary new pantry staple - Collar of Gold

Introducing a revolution in pantry staples – Collar of Gold, Clearly Pure Irish Rapeseed Oil. 100% Irish, this unique rapeseed oil is already a firm favourite in the kitchens of Chapter One, Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, Anair, Glovers Alley, The Saddle Room, Pichet, Marco Pierre, and Hugo’s.

This exceptionally pure and light oil is an exciting welcome for consumers who want to make the very best of their quality ingredients and want to taste and smell their food; not the oil. Thanks to seed selection, careful growing and natural manufacturing methods. Slow mechanical cold pressing extracts the liquid golden oil whilst leaving behind the bitter tasting outer shells. In a technological first water vapour is then used to remove the strong smell, taste and colour typically associated with Rapeseed Oil.

Collar of Gold is the creation of Peter McCloskey, son of Malachy and Ann McCloskey of Boyne Valley Foods. With the family firmly entrenched in the food Irish industry for over 50 year, Collar of Gold is the result of his ambition to make the purest and most natural oil that allows quality good ingredients be the hero and to elevate them to a new level.

Collar of Gold’s unique properties make it suitable for both cold and high temperature uses and its absolute purity ensures it will not break down under normal or above-normal cooking temperatures.
It has remarkable thermal stability with a high smoke point of 220 °C. This is in stark contrast to olive oil, which has a smoke point of 190 °C. These unique attributes make Collar of Gold ideal for frying, roasting, grilling and on the BBQ.

Collar of Gold also emulsifies remarkably easily and holds its emulsified state for much longer than other oils making it perfect for salad dressing, marinades, sauces and mayonnaises. Not only that, it is the perfect substitute for butter in baking, offering a greatly improved moistness without ‘palate-cling’ - that unpleasant ‘taste’ on the roof of your mouth that is typical from baked goods made with margarines.

Collar of Gold Rapeseed Oil is high in Omega’s 3, 6 and 9 and is particularly healthy due to its special fatty acid profile of over 60% monounsaturated fats and 30% polyunsaturated fats. It has less than half the saturated fat, 2.5 times the Omega 3 and 9 times the Omega 6 of Olive Oil.

Collar of Gold represents the very best oil for both professional and home chefs who want to serve the highest quality food using the purest of natural ingredients. Although new to the market, it has already caught the attention of some of Ireland’s top chefs and fine dining restaurants.

Speaking at its launch, CEO Peter McCloskey said, ‘Up until now, consumers have only had the choice of oils that leave oily texture and taste on their food. Collar of Gold is a quality Irish food innovation because it supplements the valuable benefits of rapeseed oil’s characteristics with unique quality attributes.
Nutritionally, cold press oils and their extra-virgin equivalents have always scored highly, whilst refined oils have traditionally offered heat stability, neutral taste and versatility. With Collar of Gold we have created a new quality segment by combining the unique attributes of both types.’

Collar of Gold Clearly Pure Irish Rapeseed Oil is now available across Ireland in select SuperValu, Centra, Dunnes Stores and fine food shops nationwide with an RRP of €5.99 per 500ml bottle.

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