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The Reputations Agency – Digital & Social Media Manager

About Us

We are a strategic reputation and communications agency, part of the JWT Group in Ireland and the Global JWT Network. Across our six practices we tell brand stories and manage the reputations of some of Ireland’s biggest brands. Everything that we do has insight and creativity at its core. We understand the value of trust in relationships better than anyone and we partner with our clients to build reputations and craft strategic communications that deliver a lasting value to their business.

We are the leading experts in Reputation Management in Ireland, and exclusive partners of the global Reputation Institute. TRA Reputation's best in class reputation audit and management services enable leaders to build sustainable prosperous business

Our Corporate & Financial PR division are PR experts with strategic marketing, financial, legal and reputation management capability who act as trusted advisors to leading Irish businesses. Our dedicated CSR Practice supports our clients in designing and communicating their Corporate Social Responsibility strategies and initiatives. TRA sponsorship produces and manages dynamic sponsorships that drive real value for brands, rights holders and consumers across sport and non-sport platforms. Our TRA Brands division builds campaigns from the ground up in partnership with some of the top marketers in the country. We play a key part of the inter-agency planning process with some of the most experienced brand experts and freshest thinkers in the country. TRA Digital connects brands to their audiences online. We design and execute powerful and innovative, multi-platform, online and social media strategies that amplify our client’s brands and cut through with the right audiences.