Children’s book author Benji Bennett reads Christmas story of hope for Barretstown Christmas campaign

European Recycling Platform (ERP) Ireland is Powering Positivity at Barretstown with the launch of a new ‘Batteries for Barretstown,’ Green Christmas video. The video is a mix of live action and illustration and on centers the story of Ashleigh Kiernan, a former Barretstown camper. The narrative, created by children’s book author Benji Bennett, tells the magical story of Ashleigh, a sick little girl whose energy was as low as a dead battery, but through the power of positivity she came back from Barretstown fully recharged.

With 30% of all batteries purchased in the run up to Christmas, equating to 33 million batteries, ERP wants to remind consumers of the importance of having a Green Christmas and disposing of batteries in a sustainable way. A large amount of batteries sold end up in landfill because they’ve been thrown out in domestic waste, and so the valuable materials inside are lost forever. ‘Batteries for Barretstown’ helps to Power Positivity at Barretstown by funding the charity’s energy costs for a total of three years.

Encouraging people to recycle their batteries Martin Tobin, CEO, ERP said: “Our partnership with Barretstown is incredibly important to everyone here at ERP Ireland, we are thrilled to be helping ‘Power Positivity’ through our ‘Batteries for Barretstown’ initiative. The message of this campaign is a hugely positive one, which we hope will drive people to dispose of their waste batteries in an environmentally conscious way, whilst raising funds for a worthy children’s charity. Each Christmas in Ireland, almost 50% of batteries sold are disposed of in standard domestic waste, we want to remind people to have a green Christmas and to bring old batteries to collection points in local authority recycling centres, schools and other retailers.”

Commenting on the ERP and Barretstown Christmas story, Tim O’ Dea, Director of Development, Barretstown said: “This year, the ERP Batteries for Barretstown Christmas campaign tells the story of Ashleigh Kiernan, one of our former Barretstown campers. Ashleigh’s journey to recovery has not been easy but we are thrilled to have her take part in this project along with Benji Bennett, a very important Barretstown ambassador. We are excited about the positive energy being generated by this Christmas campaign, we hope it will help remind people to become more environmentally aware and to change their battery recycling habits.”

Illustration ©️ 2019, Evgenia Pautova











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