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Fair Play to You

The Care Trust has today launched Fair Play to You, a new way of winning and a new way of giving, which sees three Irish charities benefitting from the generosity of the Irish public.

Fair Play to You is the first online lottery initiative from The Care Trust, a charity that has been successfully operating lotteries in Ireland for over 50 years. The charity raised over €2m in 2019 but like many other charities across the country, the impacts of Covid-19 have seen fundraising activities massively impacted.  The launch of Fair Play to You represents a new, digitised and fun way of giving to ensure The Care Trust can continue to support its three worthy Beneficiaries. 

Each time a Fair Play to You contributor plays, they’re playing their part in supporting three Irish charities, CRC (Central Remedial Clinic), Rehab and the Mater University Hospital, who have been part of the fabric of Ireland for over 50 years. These charities play a pivotal role in supporting and looking after children and adults who, through lifelong disabilities and serious illnesses, need special care and special services for the rest of their lives. The Care Trust provides these Beneficiaries with a secure source of funding to ensure they can continue to provide these facilities and support.

With Fair Play to You, kindness is rewarded and the propensity to win is higher than a typical lottery with an almost 1,000 times greater chance of winning the top prize.  Each time a Contributor plays, they are allocated a unique set of 3 numbers and if these 3 numbers are entered and selected as the Bonus numbers in the televised Lotto, Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 draws the Contributor wins. The top prize will start this month at €5,000 and can grow to €25,000.

 Fair Play to You

Speaking at the launch, Senan Mullins CEO The Care Trust said, ‘Over the last number of years, we’ve noticed a shift towards online fundraising, and we are responding to that movement with the launch of Fair Play to You. With fundraising activities severely impacted over the first half of this year, we knew that now was as important a time as ever to engage with people in a new way to be able to continue to raise much needed funds for our Beneficiaries. We also wanted to create a little bit of fun and excitement around our prizes and to giving something back.’

‘We have made the game as simple as possible for our Contributors – signing up and supporting our three great charities is easy and can be adapted to suit individual needs with a monthly contribution or a play as you go option. Our proceeds go directly to our Beneficiaries to provide additional support for a variety of essential services and that is something we’re incredibly proud to stand over.’

The first Fair Play to You game will start on Wednesday 1st July and you can join at any time.  

Find out more at: https://fairplaytoyou.ie/

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