New Campaign from Meat and Dairy Facts details the actions made by Irish Farmers to protect the environment


Meat and Dairy Facts, the organisation representing farmers, processors and representative organisations has launched a new digital and social media campaign to demonstrate how the Irish meat and dairy sectors are taking major steps to protect the environment.  

The campaign sees a series of digital animations and infographics explain, in simple terms, the collective efforts Irish farmers are making to protect the environment. Often an industry overlooked as one driving change, farmers are adapting and constantly scaling up efforts to meet the challenges of climate change. The general public, especially those not connected with agriculture, are often unaware of the progressive practices happening across Irish farms. 

This campaign seeks to increase understanding among the public of the various actions being taken on Irish farms to drive sustainability improvements.  

Research from Meat and Dairy Facts, carried out in partnership with Red C, revealed that 76% of Irish shoppers believe Irish farmers need to do more to produce food in a way that respects the environment. Six in ten (61.5%) Irish consumers want to follow a more sustainable diet and say that increased accessibility to sustainable products (50.6%) would encourage them 

The animations highlight the sustainability efforts of farmers through their participation in initiatives including Origin Green, ASSAP – the farming for water quality advisory programme – and the Teagasc Signpost Programme. The overall aim is to ensure that the efforts being made are not lost to non-farming families the length and breadth of the country.  

This is the third video series that the Meat and Dairy Facts campaign has created to inform and educate Irish consumers about the standards of our meat and dairy industry. The campaign has so far partnered with chef, journalist and food writer Lilly Higgins, 2FM and social media star Carl Mullan and dietician Orla Walsh to create videos, recipes and social media content that will help the general public connect more with the environmental efforts being made by Irish farmers and also to feel reassured about the health benefits meat and dairy have as part of a balanced diet.  

Meat and Dairy Facts is a go-to resource providing science-based, relevant facts about the role played by meat and dairy in a healthy and balanced diet to help answer the needs of the Irish public on their quest for information and help them make an informed decision on meat and dairy products.  It also explains the major steps that Irish farmers are undertaking to care for their animals and the environment. 

Irish farmers not only produce some of the highest quality meat and dairy in the world, but they are also making huge strides to do that in the most sustainable way. Meat and Dairy Facts aims to reassure people that it is okay to keep these as fixtures in a balanced diet if that is what they want.  The research also revealed that there is a very real appetite for meat and dairy among Irish consumers with 8 in 10 grocery shoppers agreeing both meat and dairy provide essential nutrients not easily obtained elsewhere. The research also states that as many at 69% would never consider eliminating meat and dairy completely. Irish farmers are making every effort to ensure they can do that, and eat well for both themselves, their grandkids and future generations. 

The series of animations will be supported by a social media advertising campaign across Instagram and Facebook. View the first in the series of animations here.   

Further information on Meat and Dairy Facts can be found here 

Instagram - @meatanddairyfacts 

Facebook - @meatanddairyfacts 

Twitter - @Meat_DairyFacts 

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