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8 in 10 Irish People Highlight the Importance of Community Throughout the Pandemic

New research from An Post Money has revealed how connected Irish people are to their local communities. Trends triggered by the pandemic are placing a heightened emphasis on communities with people returning home from Irish cities or abroad. As we emerge from lockdowns, almost 70% say they would rather live in a small community or town as opposed to a city. 84% of all adults say that they feel a sense of community in their local area and 81% feel their community has been important to them throughout the pandemic. The research, conducted by iReach Insights, celebrates the increased services of the An Post Money network as it offers agency banking services in over 900 communities around Ireland, ensuring no one is left without access to everyday banking requirements.

The research also saw a third of respondents say they have engaged more in community activities over the last 18 months with a quarter saying a local champion drives that sense of community in their area. People over 55 call out that local champion as a local shopkeeper or businessperson, while 44% of 25 – 34-year-olds feel it is a local sportsperson that is driving that sense of community spirit. Almost 1 in 4 say it is their local post person who is their local champion.

An Post Money is committed to building and supporting sustainable communities, providing everyone easy access to everyday banking services no matter where they live through their network of over 900 post offices nationwide. Their range of financial products and services means that An Post Money is offering solutions that support the needs of any modern rural or urban community around Ireland – from family members, young and old, to small business owners. Products range from digitally supported current accounts, to competitive loans and credit cards, as well as sustainable lending options through their Green Hub. Along with the suite of An Post Money products and services available, AIB, Bank of Ireland and Ulster Bank customers can avail of transactional facilities at post office, six days a week.

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Commenting on An Post Money Money’s Everyday and Community Banking Solutions, Debbie Byrne, Managing Director of An Post Retail said: “At An Post we recognise the value placed on local communities – being able to live, work and do business in those communities around Ireland. We are committed to building a sustainable and successful national post office network that is modern, relevant, re-invigorated and provides community banking on the doorstep for the customers and communities we serve. Along with our own extensive range of products and services, we are delighted to provide everyday banking services to AIB, Bank of Ireland and Ulster bank customers, six days a week.”

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