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One in two unsure of home’s BER rating

New research carried out by An Post Green Hub, in partnership with iReach, has revealed that almost one in two respondents (47%) don’t know their home’s BER rating, highlighting the lack of knowledge amongst a large proportion of the public.  Amongst those who do know their rating (53%), close to three in five (57%) believe they have a BER rating of C or worse. According to the CSO, just one in twenty homes across Ireland have an A energy ratingDespite the grant incentives announced as part of the Government’s National Home Energy Upgrade Scheme, more than half (54%) are not planning to undertake a retrofit.  Less than one in five (18%) stated that they are planning a home retrofit.

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An Post, in partnership with SSE Airtricity and Green Hub ambassador and Quantity Surveyor Patricia Power, are supporting and informing homeowners on their journey to achieving a more energy efficient and cosy home.  The Green Hub allows homeowners to sign up for a free home energy assessment, carried out by partner SSE Airtricity, through 

The Green Hub from An Post makes home energy upgrades hassle-free for homeowners as the only semi-state organisation offering free home energy assessments, in partnership with SSE Airtricity. The assessments provide recommendations on retrofitting needs and investigate likely upgrade costs and potential energy savings. The Green Hub also allows homeowners to explore options for their homes based on their current BER rating with the BERWOW calculator.  In the absence of a BER rating, they can get recommendations based on similiar homes in their area.  

As part of the Government’s National Home Energy Upgrade Scheme, the An Post Green Hub will play a vital role in helping to achieve the ambitious target of 500,000 home energy upgrades to B2 BER rating by 2030. 

Public Sentiment towards retrofitting 

  • Less than one in five (18%) planning to undertake a retrofit project to improve their home’s BER rating 
  • One in two are not planning a retrofit project  
  • Over one in four (28%) have undertaken a retrofit project on their home 
  • Three in five understand the benefits that a retrofit can add to their homes BER rating and overall energy efficiency 
  • One in five (18%) don’t understand the benefits that a retrofit project can deliver for their home 
  • Over one in four (28%) are unsure of whether they will opt for a retrofit project this year  

Types of retrofit projects being carried out 

Of the 28% of those who have undertaken a retrofit project,   

  • Eight in ten (80%) have installed attic, cavity wall or external wall insultation  
  • Over half (56%) have replaced windows and doors  
  • One in two (47%) have replaced their gas boiler 
  • Almost one in six (15%) have installed solar panels 
  • Less than one in ten (5%) have installed a heat pump  
  • For those respondents planning a retrofit, the average amount they are willing to spend is €8,028. 
  • Two out of three (62%) are prepared to spend less than €5,000, while one in four (25%) are planning to spend between €2,0001 and €5,000.

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The Government estimates that between €14,000 and €66,000 will be required to retrofit a home to a B2 rating, revealing that the investments homeowners are willing to make are not aligned with the government’s ambitions.  The governments grant package has increased for deep retrofits up 15% to 50% of the overall cost (30-35% previously).  

Leading Quantity Surveyor and An Post Green Hub Ambassador Patricia Power said ‘Knowing and improving your homes BER rating will not only save homeowners money in the long run, but it will also vastly improve comfort levels. We see from this research that some homeowners have already undertaken a significant amount of retrofitting projects, from attic and wall installations to window and door replacements. By just insulating the attic and walls of a house, homeowners can save up to €600 a year on their heating bills. For energy upgrades, be it big or small, homeowners considering the retrofit process can avail of a free home survey from the Green Hub to properly assess their homes and find solutions that fit within their needs and budget. While certain changes will have a positive impact in the short-term, the long-term objective to improve the BER rating will ensure our homes are running as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.” 

Debbie Byrne, Managing Director An Post Retail added: “A home is much more than a building, it is the place that provides a sense of security, a place where families come together to create lasting memories, a place we cherish and want to make our own. Investing in the home is all about making it better, more comfortable and more secure. With the An Post Green Hub we are making it much easier for homeowners to live more comfortably and sustainably - they can take the first step of the retrofit journey with our free home survey and continue their journey right through to completion with our One-Stop-Shop facility,  a journey which will result in a much more comfortable, cosy and energy efficient home at the end of the process.’

An Post will be in attendance at The Ideal Home Show in the RDS from Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd April 2022 where attendees can receive advice from experts and register for a free home survey.  

Sustainability is at the heart of An Post, delivering sustainable long-term business growth and services, but also protecting the planet and looking after communities. The Green Hub is an example of An Post combining commercial objectives with a commitment to sustainability by helping homeowners to retrofit their homes, making them more comfortable, cosy and energy efficient in the long run.  

For further information on the An Post Green Hub check out   

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