.IE Domain Profile Report 2022 reveals reputational strength of .ie domains


  • .ie accounts for 53.6% of all top level domains hosted in Ireland ahead of .com by more than 23 percentage points
  • 500 cyber attacks taken down because of .IE security monitoring activities
  • Six percentage points decline YoY for websites secured with security certificate, despite a significant increase in cyber-attacks
  • Tipperary records strong growth (26.5%) in 2022 v pre-pandemic 2019
  • Mayo had the largest growth (+24.1%) in Connaught, with Wexford topping the chart in Leinster (18.2%) v 2019

Tuesday 31st January 2023; Launched today, the .IE Domain Profile Report 2022 reveals there were almost 330,000 .ie domain names in the database by the end of last year with 48,168 new .ie domains registered in 2022. Now in its eighth year, the .IE Domain Profile Report is an annual exploration of the .ie database and is published by .IE, the national registry for .ie domain names. The report also outlines key advantages that can be leveraged by Irish enterprise with a .ie domain.

Cyber attacks

.IE  provides an additional layer of security to owners of a .ie domain name, free of charge. This service provides a constant scanning of .ie sites and involves instant notification to an SME’s hosting provider, who can help them take the corrective action once a scam has been detected. The report revealed over 500 cyber attacks were taken down in 2022. Two in five were phishing scams and one in four were malware attacks.

Despite a significant increase in cyber attacks, websites featuring a security certificate were down six percentage points resulting in more websites being vulnerable to attack. This level of security is crucial to safeguard customer’s data.

The report indicated that threats to a .ie domain are lower than other top level domain names such as .com. Only individuals and businesses with a provable connection to Ireland can register a .ie domain. Applications from new customers are manually reviewed to ensure that they meet this requirement. This process keeps the .ie domain largely free from scams and other illegal activities. 91% of .ie domain names are registered on the island of Ireland, with the total number of internationally registered .ie domains under 30,000. Top international registrants are from Great Britain (10,983), United States (5,117) and Germany (2,535).

Speaking at the launch of the report David Curtin, Chief Executive of .IE said; “At .IE it is a priority to proactively tackle abuse in the .ie namespace to protect both SMEs and their customers. The findings of our .IE Domain Profile Report highlight some security vulnerabilities of .ie profiles, but also demonstrates where we provide enhanced supports to help Ireland’s digital economy thrive.

Our .IE Tipping Point Report 2022 also revealed that SMEs who invested in their online services since Covid, 30% (1 in 3) were busier than they were before the pandemic and 36% maintained the same level of business. SMEs are facing a new wave of economic challenges post Covid but with over 50% planning a significant digital investment in the next five years, we want to make sure they are investing in that digitalisation smartly and are aware of the necessary security features to implement.”

The trustworthiness of a .ie domain is also internationally recognised by The SpamHaus Project, an international non-profit organisation that tracks spam and related cyber threats. They collate a Badness Index for top level domains in real-time with .ie currently listed with a perfect rating of 0.0% in comparison with .com with a Badness Index of 2.5%.  

Regional Growth

  • The report identified the counties experiencing the largest growth in new .ie domain registrations, a positive ‘forward-indicator’ of increased regional economic activity, with Tyrone recording the largest growth for 2022 v 2019 at 73.4%. Tipperary came in second overall, with 26.5% growth
  • Mayo had the largest had the largest growth (+24.1%) for any county in Connaught, followed by Galway at 8.4% adding 2,303 new domains
  • Wexford came out on top in Leinster with an 18.2% increase. Amongst the border counties, Monaghan had the largest percentage growth (+8.4%)

Post Covid Growth

The report also indicates that the Covid surge of digital mobilisation has tapered off, identifying a drop in new .ie registrations year-on-year (-22.6% v 2021). This is much less significant at 4% (2022 v 2019) when compared to more normal pre-pandemic levels and demonstrates that SMEs continue to use websites as a core part of their business with the benefits far outweighing a social media ‘shop front’.

Speaking at the launch, Pat Kane, Founder of commented, “When I founded my business in 2018 my objective was to inform and inspire people across Ireland, making sustainability more accessible, affordable, and fun. In the process of selecting a domain name for my website it was crucial that I had access to something that represented my business as truly Irish. I chose a .ie domain name because we are proud of what that means to my customers and community in Ireland and across the rest of the world - that we are an authentic Irish business doing great work.

Along with added security, trust and higher search optimisation, there is also a wider choice of available .ie domain names compared to .com. One of the longest .ie websites is 46 characters long at with one of the shortest just one character at

The .IE Domain Profile Report can be viewed here.

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