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Cash and card combo is tourists’ top choice this winter

An Post Money advises how to avoid unnecessary ATM Charges & Foreign Exchange Commissions while staying financially safe

Cost-saving travel tips to give Irish tourists more money in their pockets this winter


Dublin, Ireland. 22nd November 2023: Sixty per cent (60%) of adults travelling to the UK and US want to have both cash and card options according to recent research from An Post. Now, to help tourists make financially smart and safe decisions, An Post Money has conducted a travel analysis that shows buying foreign currency ahead of time can save people more than €15 on unnecessary ATM charges.

Irish travel in 2023 saw a marked increase on pre-pandemic levels and while travel brings excitement, it can also bring uncertainty and unease about staying financially safe while on holiday. Over the past 12 months, USD rates have hit historic lows, meaning managing your travel spend has never been more important. This, coupled with record-high inflation levels continuing to fuel the cost-of-living crisis, putting a pinch in everyone’s pocket, the Irish public is constantly searching for ways to safeguard their budgets while travelling outside the Eurozone.

With airport foreign exchange costing much more than the likes of An Post and hidden bank charges on top of ATM costs, An Post Money is sharing some cost-saving tips ahead of another busy travel period so that you don’t fall foul of hidden charges and exorbitant foreign exchange rates.


An Post Money’s advice for staying financially safe while abroad

  • Set a budget – there’s no better time to start budgeting for your next trip than when you have just arrived home from the airport. What you have just spent will be fresh in your head and working it out then and there will make it much easier to know what you need to save, set aside, or borrow for flights, accommodation and spending money next time.
  • Inform your bank - Let your financial services provider know you are heading away so they don’t think foreign transactions on your card (if you are using it) are potential fraudulent activity.
  • Sign up for the ultimate travel partner – the An Post Money Currency Card comes with 24/7 customer support (there is always a human at the end of the phone), a backup card giving customers security and continued access to their money if one is lost or stolen, is supported by Mastercard and accepted worldwide and has an emergency cash backup with money sent to your nearest Western Union agent up to the value loaded on your card.
  • Cash – hotel safety deposit boxes are there for a reason. If you have budgeted to spend 100e per day, then only take that amount out with you.
  • Consider travel insurance.


An Post Money’s cost-saving travel tips:

  • Foreign Currencies: Bring your foreign exchange cash with you to avoid unnecessary charges. An Post’s 900+ post offices nationwide are open six days a week and offer a wide range of foreign currencies, so pick up your sterling or dollars before you travel.
  • Using ATMs Overseas: Make as few visits to ATMs as possible and take out smaller sums – ATMs customary offer poor exchange rates. Always opt for bank-owned ATMs with the Mastercard® symbol.
  • Choose to Pay in Local Currency: Avoid paying DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) while using ATMs or making card purchases. Do this by choosing to pay in the local currency, (An Post Money Currency Card offers access to 15 different currencies) not your home currency. Note that contactless card payments can often be cheaper than using chip and pin or ATMs.
  • Keep Cash Handy: A supply of the local currency is useful for unscheduled or discretionary purchases such as tipping in restaurants (particularly important in the US) or for small purchases at flea markets or treats such as coffees or snacks.
  • An Post Money Currency Card: The ultimate travel partner – load it up with cash and spend across 15 different currencies including Sterling, US, Canadian and Australian Dollars. Download the card onto your phone and manage your money while you are away through the An Post Money app. If you have foreign currency left on your card at the end of your trip, you can convert it back to euro at the current rate.
  • FX Rate Alerts: The An Post Money Currency Card allows users to set a target exchange rate for their currency of choice. Users are then notified when the target is reached allowing you to buy at your preferred rate and maximise your travel spend.


Further information on An Post Money’s Currency Card and Foreign Exchange offerings, visit

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