RepTrak® CSR Report 2019

The Ireland CSR RepTrak® 2019 survey asked 7,094 members of the general public to rate how well they felt 100 of the largest, most familiar, and most important organisations in Ireland performed across the three dimensions and nine attributes of Corporate Social Responsibility.  The survey measures the degree to which they are seen to act responsibly towards their communities and the environment in which they operate, ensuring that that their businesses are responsibly run, and treating their staff well. 

Ireland is ahead of the curve in the extent to which our perceptions of an organisation’s CSR drive how we feel about its overall reputation.  In our Ireland CSR RepTrak® survey, 46.3% of an organisation’s reputation is based on perceptions of its Governance, Citizenship, and Workplace.  Globally, these three CSR dimensions drive 40% of an organisation’s reputation. 

Companies at the top of our CSR RepTrak® ranking succeed not only at being good corporate citizens, but in communicating those characteristics to stakeholders who increasingly rely on an organisation’s reputation when making decisions that impact your organisation’s business success.  Building this emotional bond drives support from stakeholders such as consumers, employees, neighbouring communities, the financial community, government, and regulators. 

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