How to Become an Employer of Choice (EoC)

The job market is becoming increasingly competitive, and these same employees are also harder to retain. Millennials especially leave positions more often and sooner than previous generations, making it harder for employees to retain top staff. Employers who wish to find and retain top talent need to focus on showcasing examples of “responsible behaviour” and highlighting the promising future of your company

• Improvement on perceptions of “responsible behaviour” is a significant content opportunity to drive traction
• Need to communicate a compelling story to both existing and potential employees – create a competitive advantage by fostering frequent and personally relevant messaging
• Being perceived as progressive is critical in making your company a more attractive employer – but it needs to be aligned with a straightforward and caring workplace culture
• Putting your CEO forward as the embodiment what the company stands for elevates EoC status – and especially drives perception of being an employer with “responsible behaviour”


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