Fire and smoke the big grill

Fire and Smoke

The Pitmaster Academy


To coincide with Kerry Food’s launch of a brand-new, innovative product, The Reputations Agency were tasked with a clear objective – introduce Fire and Smoke to the primary target market, by implementing clever, tactical PR activity that will dial up the unique selling points of Henry Denny’s Fire and Smoke premium cooked meats range. We needed to target the bearded, flavour-cravers who is sophisticated when it comes to food choices and is borde of the same old ham sandwich! 


With a current trend for masterclasses across the country to sell out well in advance we created a bespoke, experiential product launch event that would delight both bullseye consumers and media. We told the pitmaster story through an exciting live demo that created an engaging hook partnering with founder of the Big Grill Festival Andy Noonan to host our Pitmaster Academy – sharing exclusive tips and tricks with attendees on the night. 


Along with stellar coverage results, the event was attended by over 250 key opinion formers, media and bullseye ‘beards’

The activity aligned the brand with a credible personality and food festival which established credentials for the new product from the outset and this partnership was used effectively to amplify conversation both online and offline driving brand awareness


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