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Launch of fastest online shopping service Buymie


Lidl had already become well established as a leading retailer in Ireland offering the best quality produce at the lowest prices to over 1.5 million shoppers weekly in 159 stores throughout Ireland. While it had shaken up the market in terms of price and quality it had yet to offer an online shopping service, something some of its rivals had for up to 20 years. With Lidl’s core focus remaining on developing its growing physical network of stores throughout Ireland it commenced a pilot with Buymie, an Irish start-up on-demand delivery service which offered delivery in as little as one hour to the Dublin area, to assess feasibility of a longer-term partnership to provide an online grocery delivery service to its customers. Following a successful pilot Lidl decided to launch the service. 


In developing a PR campaign for Lidl, The Reputations Agency needed to overcome the challenge of launching a service some competitors had offered for many years and create a strategy that maximised awareness in media while also managing expectations that the service was available in the Dublin are only.  To achieve the required level of cut-through it needed engagement with national media but this was done in a way in focusing on securing coverage in titles and broadcast outlets that had a Dublin bias in terms of listenership and readership. Key to the success of the campaign was differentiating it from existing solutions in the market by focusing on Buymie’s dedicated on-demand service providing the fastest and most personalised online shopping service available. 


The campaign succeeded in the key objective of successfully launching the proposition and generating significant awareness of the Lidl and Buymie online grocery shopping partnership with coverage in targeted media that successfully navigated the challenge that the service was available to Dublin residents only. In the absence of other marketing communications activity this awareness led to largescale downloading of the Buymie app and increased customer transactions for Lidl. The coverage achieved also reinforced Lidl’s core proposition of being a retailer with a growing presence in communities throughout Ireland with the online shopping offer as a service enhancement, not a replacement for its 159 stores nationwide.

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