RepTrak® CSR Report 2017

The Ireland CSR RepTrak® 2017 survey asked 4,500 members of the general public  to  rate how well they felt 50 organisations performed across three dimensions and nine attributes of Corporate Social Responsibility; measuring the degree to which they are seen to act responsibly towards their communities and the environment in which they operate, ensuring that that their businesses are responsibly run, and treating their staff well.  The online survey also asked members of the public to name examples of what companies do to make them a good corporate citizen.   The study found that the more genuine and authentic an organisation is in its activities and its communication, the higher their CSR reputation.

There is a clear business case for top performing companies to implement CSR initiatives.  Companies that understand how to create positive perceptions of their CSR programmes can gain the benefit in terms of revenue and good will, providing them with the license to operate in their markets.  Our latest Ireland CSR RepTrak® study shows that the public’s perceptions of an organisation’s performance in Citizenship, Governance, and Workplace account for 46% of an organisation’s overall reputation score, helping to build trust, admiration, and good feeling towards these organisations. This emotional bond drives support from stakeholders such as consumers, employees, neighbouring communities, the financial community, government, and regulators.


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