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Building Lidl’s Employer Brand – Health and Wellness initiatives


Lidl Ireland RepTrak® data showed that only 36% of respondents were willing to work for Lidl. The general public perceived Lidl to have a very weak reputation for Employee health & well-being.  We were also conscious of the fact that Employee Health & wellbeing was a very important reputational driver and wanted to highlight Lidl’s investment in Health & Wellness.  We were tasked to create a campaign to build Lidl’s profile as a great place to work highlighting Lidl’s values of Respect, Recognition, Responsibility and Trust. 


We developed the largest corporate cardiac screening system. A bespoke Lidl double decker bus travelled to 143 stores at 61 location - offering cardiac screening to the Lidl team.  This helped communicate the importance of employee well-being and Lidl’s investment in Health & Wellness.  1,200 availed of a cardiac screening.  Lidl employees undertook the Walk to the Moon Step Challenge with 3200 Lidl’s employees walking the 325,000kms for Barretstown.  RTÉ’s Michael Lyster having suffered a heart attack was our campaign Ambassador, during the GAA season, and he conducted 20 interviews.  We ran 8 stakeholder events where local councillors, TDs, Ministers, and stakeholder groups were informed about the campaign. 

The 2017 campaign continued to profile Lidl as being a great place to work, ensured Lidl’s investment in Health and wellness was recognised, and ensured the recruitment of the best talent.  The campaign focused on Diabetes and targeted media, stakeholders, opinion leaders, government, and business community across news media; health; business and features.  We partnered with Diabetes Ireland and Dustin the Turkey to promote the campaign highlighting Lidl’s commitment to employee health & wellbeing.  4,500 individuals were screened at 40 locations with 10 public screening days. Political stakeholders were invited to get tested at key events with Senators, Ministers and Mayors attending.


The difference a well-planned communications strategy has made to promote Employer Brand has been remarkable.  Lidl’s Workplace reputation rose from 69th place to 5th place and Lidl’s overall reputation score moved from 37th place to 7th place overall.  Our Cardiac Health Campaign won the PRCA Award for Best Corporate Campaign Promoting Corporate Values.

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