SuperValu Wine


Establishing SuperValu as the go to supermarket for wine in Ireland


The wine category can often be tricky for consumers to navigate. Shopper research showed that wine is considered a “high risk” item. Most people tend to stick to their usual repertoire of a couple of brands, fearful of trying something new and not enjoying it.

SuperValu wanted to make it easy for shoppers to purchase, pair and enjoy it. They wanted to establish SuperValu as the go to supermarket for wine in Ireland regardless of whether you are a novice or an expert.


The PR strategy for SuperValu Wine was to root the plan in communicating the range and value proposition. We needed to deliver coverage in the traditional wine pages but also take the messages wider with lifestyle and consumer media. Credibly communicating Ireland’s best wine range to a diverse audience is not easy particularly given that “value” is a combination of both quality and price and this means different things to different people.

Firstly, we created a summer press office with a focus on delivering coverage with our bullseye wine media to communicate our Specially Sourced range.

Next we hosted an exclusive event – SuperValu’s “Secret Garden” – which would allow guests to experience first-hand the passion, expertise and innovation when it comes to wine and cement SuperValu as the go to supermarket for wine in Ireland.

Next on the agenda included spotlighting Graham Norton’s Shiraz, available exclusively to SuperValu and Centra. An on-street activation with Baz Ashmawy and Joanne McNally created excitement for launch along with an entertaining piece of content for social media that got the wider audience talking about the new wine.


2016 was a big year for wine in SuperValu both for building reputation and, in turn, commercially.

The campaign was Award Winning, picking up AIM and PRII/PRCA Awards.

The retailers’ total wine sales grew by +5% and quantity by +4.7%

Growth in market share of +4.7% making SuperValu the largest seller of wine in the country with 47.1% of the market (ref: AC Nielsen).

25 pieces of coverage secured across a three-month period with our bullseye wine media 

Total PR value of €313,270

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