Ireland RepTrak® 2019 Report

Celebrating its 10th year, The Ireland RepTrak® study is the largest and longest running study of reputation in Ireland. Based on a survey of over 7,000 members of the Irish public, we measured the level of trust admiration and esteem the public holds for 100 of the largest most familiar and most important organisations in Ireland along with 25 other reputation indicators.

From a global perspective, over the last ten years we have seen reputation move markets, with the Top 10 most highly reputed companies outperforming the S&P Index by 2.5 times. In Ireland, our study shows that if an organisation improves its Reputation Pulse score by five points, the number of people willing to buy its products or services goes up by 6.2%, delivering a very positive business outcome.

Today, organisations are more widely scrutinised based on their alignment with social causes, their behaviour, their organisational values and the internal culture they create. They are no longer solely measured on what they make or how they make it. The public are more attuned to the reputation of an organisation than ever before and, for the public, actions speak louder than words.

The strong performance this year by organisations representing Ireland and promoting Irish products and services on the international stage, s]shows that the public holds organisations that contribute to the overall success of Ireland in high regard. The prominence of the state backed bodies in the top ten is also encouraging for the public sector and should be acknowledged as a standout theme of this year’s study.

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